Quakk is an Open Source Windows Mobile Twitter Application.

If you're looking for the finished version then you need to be over at: www.anthonyburns.co.uk/quakk
Alternatively you can follow any progress on my blog: www.anthonyburns.co.uk/blog

The source code is available on here (obviously), and this is my first dabble in OSS, so if you need any other information, you can get me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/littlecharva

Here are a few things I'm considering adding to Quakk, if you wanted to contribute:
  • GPS - Enable users to update their Location using GPS
  • Auto-Update Main Timeline - Enable users to set a time interval for Quakk to Update the main timline
  • Detect new software update - Quakk should check home every 25 updates to see if there's a new version
  • View X's timeline in menu - Adding "View User" to the popup menu so users can view another user's timeline
  • Unit Testing - I have yet to begin unit testing, although I've read quite a bit about it, so if someone fancies holding my hand through my first steps, that would be great!


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